Essential & Fundamentals


This introductory, half-day clinic will cover the Essentials & FUNdamental to being a successful mountain biker.  We will provide instructional skill discussion, demonstrations, group skills practice, followed by a group ride to practice these new skills on the trails - everything you need to know to start riding the trails!  

Essentials to Being a Successful Mountain Biker!  

1. Level Pedal 

2. One Finger on the Brakes

3. Scanning the Trail  

Fundamentals to flowing the trail !

1. Neutral 2. Ready 3. Braking

4. Bike and body Separation 

5.Pedal Position 6.Eye Movement 7.Steering 8.Speed 9.Gear & Cadence

10.Timing & Coordination 11. Pressure Control

Shifting, Ratcheting , Trackstand & Rock Dodge


Have you ever changed gears and  suddenly hear the gears grinding in the background?

Surge , Soft pedal (SHIFT) and return to regular pedal power.

This works in climbs as well .

If you can't make a full pedal rotation due to obstacles and obstructions in the trail; Ratcheting will allow you to crank ¼ to ½ a rotation . This allow you to keep balance and and momentum forward without striking a pedal. This is helpful to help you crest THAT though climb.

Why dismount when you can trackstand, besides being a cool party trick this steady stance will keep you ready to roll forward . Great to use when someone stalls over a obstacle or climb. It get tougher to do once you let go of those brakes. TIP: Elevate / Press, forward foot - heel down.

Cornering, Switchbacks & Small Circle


If there is one thing I love to teach and was thought by a wise woman is LEAD WITH YOUR HEART ! If you feel like you cornering is jerky you may be steering more than what you need to. (We learned in the fundamentals class steer slow speeds and lean (S2S) for higher speeds. When corning is important to look throughout the turn and try to find your exit. If your leaning to counter balance/ weight the bike for traction. 



Ascending & Climbing techniques


Did you know there are 3 different ways to climb!?!

AND even micromanaging your rear weight can help you regain stability in the rear wheel if you feel like it starts to spins out. It's hard to tell what little changes you need to make in order to be successful up THAT climb ; Let us help you succeed up that climb!

Restarting on a climb can be hard but we can show you the easy way how !

TIP: hinge at the waist, plan your line ahead and shifting points. 

Try a Different method. 


Descending, Drops & Roll down lunge


Once you go up! 

You must come DOWN!

What do you do when it get steep? Body position is everything, dont just though your butt back… in doing that you will lose control of your front wheel. 

Get ready to load and explode over drops likes a BOSS!

IF you want to keep wheels on the ground we will also go over a roll down lunge great for obstacles 8”. TIP: LOW -  ROADY -  FORWARD -  PUSH BARS -  RETURN.

Wheel lifts ,Level lift  & Pedal Wheel lift


In the fundamentals we go over how to off weight the wheels.

In This clinic we teach how to lift the front and rear wheel; along with both wheel creating a Level Lift (great for small obstacle at high speeds!) This makes getting over roots, rocks and other obstacles on the trail effortless to overcome ; while keeping your moment . If it start to get technical  like steep climbing with slabs of rocks you can use a pedal wheel lift to  place the front wheel up and over bigger obstacles.  

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